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Apartments for Rent Melbourne

Want apartments for rent in Melbourne with professional management, fantastic facilities, and located in great places? Our Essence Communities properties offer all this and more. With our rental-only complexes we have flexible and secure leasing terms that let you live it like you own it.

Our Essence Communities new renting model is build to rent or BTR. It’s just emerging in Australia but really common internationally. Under this type of living, you get to have more choices about your lease, your lifestyle and your home.

You can opt for a long-term rental agreement – we expect some people will stay for years – and decorate your home as you want. You can also keep a pet. We also welcome people staying for short periods who want the convenience of our Melbourne furnished apartments.

Our rental-only buildings will provide comfortable, contemporary surrounds in the best places in Melbourne. We offer great fit-outs for your apartment, with included appliances so you don’t have to worry about set up.

Essence Communities will operate rental apartments in the best suburbs to live in Melbourne. We are investigating build to rent options across the city, from furnished apartments in South Yarra ro Richmond, the central business district, or near Melbourne University.

We plan to have furnished apartments for rent, long-term rentals and three-bedroom units for rent in Melbourne. There will also be a range of apartment types available at Essence Communities. We will have studio apartments for rent, one-bedroom apartments for lease, or a two-bedroom rentals.

When you choose to move in, our professional on-site managers will be there to help. Our streamlined paperwork and application process makes choosing your next rental in Melbourne simple.

For build to rent apartments in Melbourne, choose Essence Communities.

What is build to rent?

What is build to rent or BTR? Put simply, the build to rent model in Australia offers tenants long-term security and secure terms for their rental agreements. It is increasingly popular, with experts in the property industry tipping more than 7000 units will be available within a few years.

In the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe the model is well established and growing. In the US, the model is often called a multi-family development. Now, governments in Australia are also encouraging the development of build to rent properties to provide stable and secure accommodation. Essence Communities will be one of the major operators of build to rent.

The build to rent model in Australia will mean one owner develops the property, which will operate under a single management structure. It’s in the best interest of the owner and manager to make the rental apartments the best units in Melbourne to attract long-term residents. We know this is not always the way in the private market, where different owners have all the different units in the building.

Essence Communities is also focused on delivering great services to make our apartments the best apartments in Melbourne.

Where are Melbourne’s build to rent communities?

Build to rent in Melbourne is an emerging field. The Victorian Government recently announced changes in their Budget to encourage the sector, and affordable, secure rental communities for tenants.

There are developments in the planning for rental apartments in Melbourne for build to rent in Caulfield East, Brunswick, West Melbourne, Northbank, Kensington, South Yarra and South Melbourne.

Together we are trying to overcome the challenges of private rentals. This increase in available units for rent, as well as the improved processes of Essence Communities’ build to rent, will make it better for tenants.

When you sign up to Essence Communities’ build to rent, you will be able to visit the property, check out multiple types of apartments at the time, and see all the facilities. You will be speaking with the property manager, so you won’t have to wait or go back and forward between an intermediary.

Build to rent in Melbourne can be your new community.

What makes Essence Communities’ build to rent the best rental apartments in Melbourne?

We understand that finding a rental property in Melbourne can be difficult. There can be limited flexibility with leasing terms, you may not be able to secure a long-term lease, or the rents may be hiked a lot without warning. The process to rent a unit in Melbourne itself can be a hassle, with multiple inspections at very specific times.

You won’t get this at Essence Communities in Melbourne. Our streamlined booking process is facilitated through our on-site manager. It is also made easier because of the services we can help you organise. We can connect you with movers, packers and other services to make your life easier.

At our rental-only buildings we include a range of community services to boost your lifestyle. These include yoga or pilates rooms, gyms, entertainment zones, pools and children’s play areas. There are barbeques and outdoor dining zones, and private entertaining areas you can book to have friends and family around.

And you can have a pet! Keep your beloved fur or feathered baby with you, with approval from management. At some sites we can arrange extra services such as dog-grooming or walking.

For your next studio apartment in Melbourne, or your next three-bedroom unit for long-term rental, make Essence Communities your new home.

Melbourne leasing: How to rent at Essence Communities

Apartment leasing at Essence Communities is easy. Our onsite professional property managers are experts in helping you create your own lifestyle.

Each of our rental properties in Melbourne is different. From fully-furnished one-bedroom apartments to penthouses, our buildings will offer a range of configurations. But we make it easier because all the essential appliances will be included.

It’s a community, not just a rental apartment.

You can organise services and book our facilities through the exclusive Essence Communities in-house app. Find out what is happening in your Melbourne suburb or in your community. It could be a food truck visit, sports, Netflix night, or wine and cheese, or a communal BBQ. You can also book the private dining room or eating areas.

Make your new home an Essence Communities build to rent apartment in Melbourne

Essence Communities look forward seeing you at our communities in Melbourne. With great locations, services and amenities to come, you can get our of the rental cycle and live your life the way you want. Build to rent Essence Communities make it easy due to our professional management and exceptional services.

Essence Communities is part of UniLodge Australia, the biggest provider of student accommodation in the country, with over 100 properties under management and offering more than 30,000 beds. We are expert community-builders.

This is what we will bring to inspire Australia’s best rental buildings. Come and visit our Essence Communities build to rent apartments in Melbourne. This is Inspired Living. Contact us here for more information.