Build to Rent

Build to rent Adelaide

Looking for apartments for rent in Adelaide? Essence Communities’ rental-only buildings are in premium locations, with great facilities and on-site professional management. Tenants benefit from our flexible leases and rental terms, which allow long-term rentals in Adelaide. With Essence Communities’ build to rent properties, you can live like you own it.

This is a new model of renting. It’s called build to rent or BTR and some consider it, “the next big thing in renting”. This type of rental means you have more options and flexibility over your rental terms. The whole building is bespoke for renters, with a range of options from studio apartments for rent to three-bedroom units.

Essence Communities will provide rental apartments in Adelaide in the city’s best locations. From rental apartments in Adelaide’s CBD, to units for rent in north Adelaide, and rentals in Glenelg we’re scoping all the best sites. Our fit-outs are contemporary and we will have a range of services and community facilities onsite.

Our professional property managers will also be available to assist you at the building. Our efficient paperwork and administration system means you will spend less time filling out forms and waiting for a call back, and more time planning your leisure time.

For build to rent apartments in Adelaide, come and visit our Essence Communities.

What is build to rent?

What is build to rent or BTR? It’s a new way of renting in Australia that will provide secure and long term rentals for tenants. It’s common internationally and now there is a lot of momentum for build to rent properties in Australia.

Build to rent properties are rental-only buildings. The whole property is home to people like you, people who want great locations with access to additional facilities and amenities for a busy and happy lifestyle. We also have onsite management so the whole process is streamlined, making it easier for you to sign up to a lease, move in and live your life.

Property experts are expecting the sector to grow to more than 7000 units in the next few years. Around Australia state governments are introducing planning arrangements to encourage build to rent properties. They want the developments because they recognise the buildings will make it easier for tenants to secure long term rental agreements while increasing the availability of rental apartments.

Under the proposed plans, one owner develops the building knowing it will be for long-term tenants. This means the developer builds it for residents, not for fast-turnaround buyers and sellers of properties. Our Essence Communities’ Adelaide build to rent properties will be of high quality and made for residents.

Where are build to rent properties in Adelaide?

The build to rent sector in Adelaide is growing. The Australian Government announced changes to spur investment in the sector a few years ago, prompting many state governments to also introduce development incentives. The South Australian government has yet to announce any plans to encourage the new sector.

Many places across Adelaide are desirable for renters, including the CBD, the city more broadly and suburbs such as North Adelaide, Unley, Glenelg and Port Adelaide.

Developers in the build to rent space hope to overcome some of the pitfalls of renting. With more units added to the number available across the city, a more streamlined and professional property management process, and better administration, Essence Communities rentals will be an easier and more pleasant process to rent.

As a renter, you can come and visit our Adelaide rental apartments to inspect the both the building and the different forms of units. You can get to know the property manager and you won’t be dealing with a range of different people across an agency, as well as an owner who may or may not be easy to contact.

You can expect many benefits for renters Essence Communities’ build to rent properties launch in Adelaide.

Why are Essence Communities the best Adelaide apartments for rent?

Our rental apartments in Adelaide will make renting more secure, flexible and give you as a tenant more control over how you live.

We understand the challenges of trying to find and secure an Adelaide unit for rent. Some contracts have terms that are not favourable to renters and you might be forced into a short, six-monthly leases that create huge uncertainty about whether they will be continued. Some owners seek to hike the rent prices each term or without enough warning. These can be the downsides of renting in the private market.

But with Essence Communities’ build to rent options, these uncertainties go away. You can sign up to a longer-term lease that can continue for as long as you want. Perhaps your circumstances change, however, and you want to downsize to a one-bedroom apartment. You can do that within the building. Or maybe your family is growing and now you need a three-bedroom unit. With Essence Communities, you can do that, too, and still not have to leave your community.

When you rent your Adelaide apartment with Essence Communities you will be able to come in and see our units and buildings and talk with the people there. We can assist you with our streamlined booking processes, as well as connect you will moving and other services to make the process as smooth as possible.

We also have a range of community services to enhance your lifestyle. There are outdoor dining areas, gyms and barbeques so you can entertain and host friends and family. You can also invite people to a private dining area. Other on-site facilities will include amenities such as yoga or pilates studios, gyms, entertainment zones, pools and children’s play areas.

There is also space for your pet. Your bird, cat or dog can stay with you in what will be Adelaide’s most pet-friendly rental apartment building. We can also help organise extra pet services, such as dog-washing, grooming or walking, in some areas.

Make Essence Communities your long-term rental for your next home.

How to rent at Essence Communities: Renting in Adelaide

Renting your apartment in Adelaide is easy with Essence Communities.

Our rental properties will vary, from furnished inner-Adelaide rentals to three-bedroom units for the whole family. We cater for everyone at Essence Communities. You can also move within the building without the financial penalty of a bond.

Perhaps you’re looking for a short-term place to live during a project? Our fully furnished apartments for rent will see you through that stage. And in fact, all our units come with appliances ready to go. But we will also cater for long-term rental apartments in Adelaide. This provides safety, security and saves you money in moving costs.

And another key strength is that we’re all about building communities, not just renting apartments. We do this through out range of in-house activities, social events and special occasions. The Essence Communities app connects you with your neighbours in the building. You’ll get to find out all the events in Adelaide and your community.

At Essence Communities we facilitate cheese and wine evenings, art show, food truck visits, and sporting activities. Or you could create your own event with neighbours. It’s a community, not just a rental apartment.

Make your new home an Essence Communities build to rent apartment in Adelaide

Our Adelaide Essence Communities team is excited to meet you soon. We understand you want to escape the renting cycle and live your life the way you want. You will be able to rent with a secure term, long-term options, professional management, and great surrounds.

We will provide a contemporary building with a great fit-out, modern furnishings and easy-to-use appliances that just work. Any issues? Come and see the professional and friendly staff who are there to manage the building and help you if you need it. You can also take advantage of the many services and amenities either onsite or within easy access.

Essence Communities is a company that prides itself on being great creators of communities. We are a company of UniLodge Australia, which is Australia’s biggest provider of student accommodation with 30,000 beds under management. This expertise means we know how to professional operate and build neighbourhoods.

We’ll bring this to make Adelaide’s best rental buildings. Come and see our Essence Communities. Our build to rent properties in Adelaide will live up to our vision of Inspired Living. Contact us here for more information.