Scope of Services

Pre-opening and Commissioning Services

Our approach to Pre-Opening and Commissioning services focuses on the crucial period leading up to the practical completion of a property development.

We begin by recruiting a competent management team, including early appointment of managerial and leasing team.

This ensures that our team is in place and ready to handle the property’s needs from day one.

We also take care of staff onboarding and training, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively manage the property.

During this pre-opening phase, we concentrate on defect management and builder handover management. Our attention to detail and expertise in identifying and addressing any potential issues helps to guarantee a smooth handover and minimize any post-completion concerns.

We oversee commissioning, ensuring that all systems and components are functioning as intended and ready for use. This includes coordinating with various stakeholders, such as contractors and suppliers, to confirm that everything is in place for the property’s opening.

Our team also develops a comprehensive lease-up campaign marketing strategy to attract potential tenants to the property. We initiate marketing efforts, design the move-in process, and launch an early campaign to capitalize on the excitement surrounding the new property.

In summary, our approach to Pre-Opening and Commissioning services revolves around meticulous preparation and execution in the lead-up to a property’s practical completion. We recruit and train our team, manage defects and builder handover, oversee commissioning, and develop marketing strategies to ensure a strong start for the property and set the stage for long-term success.