Scope of Services

Marketing and Lease Up

Essence Communities' approach to marketing and lease-up focuses on data-driven strategies and tailored leasing initiatives to attract potential residents, optimise occupancy rates, and maximize rental income.

Key aspects of our marketing and lease-up approach include:

Market understanding

Gaining an in-depth knowledge of the local market, demographics, and competition to develop effective marketing and leasing strategies tailored to each property.

Targeted marketing campaigns

Implementing targeted marketing campaigns using digital and traditional channels to reach the desired audience, including search engine marketing, social media advertising, and local marketing initiatives.

Performance monitoring

Tracking and analysing marketing performance to measure the effectiveness of chosen channels, optimise marketing spend, and adjust strategies as necessary to achieve the best return on investment.

Lead generation and management

Using a marketing ecosystem to generate, capture, and track leads through to their conversion into signed leases, providing multiple gateways for potential residents to make inquiries, schedule inspections, or make online applications.

Leasing strategies

Developing and implementing tailored leasing strategies based on the property’s unique attributes and the specific requirements of different customer personas, ensuring a seamless leasing journey for potential residents.

Collaboration with local partners

Building relationships with local partners, such as universities and employers, to tap into their networks and promote the property to potential residents.

Technology integration

Utilizing a multi-platform, integrated technology system for marketing, leasing, and property management to provide a seamless and efficient process for potential residents, including online booking portals and payment gateways.

Essence Communities’ approach to marketing and lease-up aims to maximize occupancy rates and rental income by attracting and retaining potential residents through targeted marketing initiatives, effective leasing strategies, and a seamless leasing experience.