Build to Rent

Build to rent Perth

When you’re looking for quality apartments for rent in Perth in the best locations, with professional management and exceptional services, think Essence Communities.

Our rental-only buildings offer a great lifestyle in premium locations. And with our new build to rent leasing model, you can live it like you own it.

This is build to rent, a fresh model of renting from Essence Communities. You have the flexibility over your rental stay, whether you renew your lease, if you have a pet, and how you decorate your home.

Our rental-only buildings will be communities of people just like you, seeking the best rental apartments in Perth with the best services and the best locations.

Some people may stay in our Perth fully furnished apartments for rent for a few months while they do a work project. Others may stay for years and move throughout the building to different sized units for rent as their needs change.

Our prestige fit outs and fixtures make our buildings best in class, and all come with all the necessary appliances so you’re ready to move in.

Essence Communities’ on-site management makes your rental experience efficient and professional. We can help you to make the renting and moving proves as streamlined and simple as possible.

What is build to rent?

But what is build to rent, you ask? Build to rent in Australia model offers a new way for renters to live with long-term security and flexible leases.

Build to rent models, sometimes called multi-family housing, is common internationally, especially in the United States, the United Kingdom, and is growing in Australia and Europe. Leading developers in Australia are scoping sites from Subiaco to East Perth and Northbridge for the best locations for the rental buildings.

The big difference for the build to rent model is the ownership. One owner retains all the apartments and then rents them out long-term. This means they want the building and the units to be liveable to attract the best tenants, not just developing them for a fast sale. This makes it better for renters than in the private rental market, where individual owners have all the different units for rent in a building.

State governments are rolling out incentives for build to rent because they recognise the unit blocks will offer renters a new and better way of living. Essence Communities build to rent is also focused on providing great services for our residents.

Overall, what build to rent means for renters is a more stable, flexible and better way of renting.

Build to rent Perth? Where do I find it?

Build to rent Perth apartment complexes are growing as a sector. Essence Communities is scoping sites for rental apartments in Perth city, rental units in Subiaco, CBD apartments to rent, and locations to the east, south, north and west.

We want to help overcome some of the challenges of renting in Perth. Rents in Perth in the private market can be hiked unexpectedly,  there can be strong competition and long queues for inspections. It can take up your whole Saturday dealing with real estate agents and traipsing from place to place.

Then once you secure a rental, there is a risk the leasing term will be limited to six months, and then you could be back looking every Saturday once again. Perth’s private rental market can be tricky.

When you rent with Essence Communities, you can take advantage of our streamlined process to secure your long-term apartment for rent, move in, and stay.

Why are Essence Communities Perth’s best build to rent apartments?

Essence Communities’ Perth build to rent apartments will be the best in the city. Our onsite managers are experts in easing the rental process from application to moving in. The Perth rental building will be professionally managed by single owners who oversee the ongoing maintenance of their properties.

Dealing with the one property manager also makes it easier to book and apply for your Perth rental unit. Once you’re in you can take advantage of Essence Communities comprehensive services and facilities to make your apartment your home.

Our skilled managers are a key reason our Perth Essence Communities build to rent apartment buildings will make renting easy. Visit the property at a time that is convenient for you. Speak with our professional onsite management team. Inspect the different apartment options, from Perth fully furnished studio apartments to three-bedroom units.

Within our build to rent building, we will offer extra amenities such as pilates or yoga studios, a gymnasium, entertainment zones, pools and children’s play areas. Host family and friends in our barbeque areas and outdoor dining zones, or in the private entertaining areas.

Further, with approval from management, you can keep your furry or feathered friends with you when you move. We are a rental apartment for pets in Perth. At some sites there are services you can tap into such as dog grooming or dog walking.

From a furnished studio apartment ready for rent, to a two-bedroom unit for lease, we’ve got you covered at Essences Communities.

Perth apartment leasing: Renting your new home at Essence Communities

We make apartment leasing at your new Essence Communities simple and efficient. Once you go through our simplified application and moving process, then you can move in (with appliances ready to go), and start living your new life.

Hang art on the walls, bring your pet, take part in the activities or gym classes, and hang out with your neighbours in the media room.

Each of the rental units in Perth Essence Communities will be different. We will offer fully furnished rental apartments. We will have one-bedroom apartments for rent. And we will also offer larger, two- or three-bedroom units to accommodate those who want more space.

And come and join our Essence Communities. Use the exclusive house app to stay connected with our services and events. It could be a movie night. There might be a food truck coming on the weekend. Or a neighbour might have organised a sports night. Through the app, you can also reserve your place in one of the meeting areas, working spaces or private dining rooms.

Visit our Essence Communities Perth rental units

We can’t wait to welcome you to our Perth build to rent rental apartments. We will have buildings established in the best locations in Perth. From there we offer seamless administration and management to make the process as easy as possible. And once you’re renting, you can stay with us securely for the long-term.

Essence Communities is used to creating thriving and social communities. We’re part of UniLodge Australia, which manages more than 20,000 student accommodation beds across Australia. UniLodge has more student accommodation than any other provider.

This expertise will be utilised when we deliver our Perth build to rent communities. We create Inspired Living. Come and visit our Perth rental units and experience the difference. Contact us here for more information.