Why Choose Us

Our Expertise

Essence Communities has expertise in several areas related to accommodation services, property management, leasing, and facilities management.

Key areas of expertise

Build to Rent (BTR) property management

Essence has extensive experience in managing multi-family BTR properties in Australia, focusing on delivering exceptional customer service and fostering strong communities.

Residential property management

With 26 years of experience, Essence is one of the largest and most experienced residential property management companies in Australia.

Leasing and marketing strategies

Essence uses data-driven marketing approaches and tailored leasing strategies to optimise occupancy rates and rental income for their clients.

Facilities management

Essence has experience in managing facilities such as maintenance, cleaning, security, and landscaping, ensuring properties are well-maintained and attractive to potential residents.

Community curation and engagement

Essence is skilled in creating and implementing engagement plans, organising community events, and developing spaces that facilitate social interaction among residents.

Staff training and development

Essence has a dedicated Learning and Development team that provides a wide range of training programs to equip their staff with the skills needed to deliver exceptional customer service.

Technology integration

Essence uses a multi-platform, integrated system for property management, leasing, marketing, finance, and human resources, ensuring seamless operations and a positive resident experience.

Development advisory services

Essence offers development advisory services to clients to ensure optimal financial and performance outcomes for their properties, including opportunities for enhancement and participation in affordable housing initiatives.

With this wide range of expertise, Essence Communities is well-positioned to provide comprehensive property, leasing, and facilities management services, as well as create positive resident experiences and maximise investor returns.