Why Essence Communities?

Our core business is the long-term optimisation of assets.

We work closely with asset owners and focus on the KPIs which drive outcomes. We have geographical coverage across Australia and New Zealand and have the marketing skills in house to lease properties quickly. Our operating platforms leverage the best technology in the market to seamlessly connect residents with service channels whether that be a request to view an apartment or to solve a maintenance request. Fundamentally, all our systems revolve around the customer to service their everyday requirements.

With over 23 years of leasing experience, Essence Communities have encountered and overcome most market challenges including:

  • Residential vacancy fluctuations,
  • Apartment supply exceeding demand in the local rental market,
  • Commissioning and ramp up of new properties to the market.

BTR Experience

Essence Communities has the most credentialed team in BTR Management and institutionally owned residential property management in Australia.

Essence has:

  • Engaged consultants to better understand the Multi-Family BTR sector in Australia including design requirements, tenant demand profiles and rental demand.
  • Undertaken Multi-Family study tours in the US and UK.
  • Created rental pricing models to enable revenue maximisation in properties under management.

In all of these circumstances, you require an experienced operator with a demonstrated track record with trusted long term staff capable of delivering the job.