Management Fee Models

What are on costs?

The on costs involved in delivering Essence Communities’ services are the additional expenses related to the operation and management of the property. These costs are typically reimbursable and are paid as a lump sum on a monthly basis.

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Examples of on costs include:

Soft Facilities Management Staffing

Costs associated with staffing for accounting, reporting, and marketing services.

Hard Facilities Management Staffing

Costs related to staffing for cleaning, security, and other maintenance services.

Staff Training, Uniforms, Amenities, Recruitment, and Real Estate Licenses

Expenses incurred for staff development, uniforms, recruitment processes, and obtaining necessary real estate licenses.

Administration, Office, Property Management System (PMS), and App Licenses

Costs associated with administrative tasks, office expenses, and licensing for property management software and applications.

Essence Communities’ Quality Management System aims to provide a structured framework for delivering consistent, high-quality services that meet or exceed customer expectations and comply with applicable regulations and industry standards.